Make your own simple summer moisturizer in just a few easy steps!

Follow this all-natural beginner-friendly tutorial which shows you how to make a creamy summer moisturizer that you can tailor for your own skin's needs! This natural all-over creamy moisturizer is the perfect natural skincare DIY to try out. It uses simple plant-based butter to make a silky smooth, moisturizing face cream that leaves your skin hydrated and not overly greasy.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. Ingredients and Materials Overview

    2. Let's go over the Importance of each Ingredient

    1. Brief Overview of Double Boiling Method

    2. Second Phase of Formula - Water Phase

    3. First Phase of Formula - Oil Phase

    4. Combining Phases and Forcing Emulsions

    1. Preserving, Packaging and Completing your formula

About this course

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